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Newcomers help & Information


So what exactly is swinging?
Swinging is a form of recreational social sex between consenting adults, most commonly consisting of male/female couples meeting other couples and/or bi-females for sex and/or ongoing intimate friendships. Single gents can also become involved to a more limited degree.
Swinging (otherwise known as "the lifestyle" or "the scene") can take a variety of different forms. Although single women are always welcome at swinging events, the degree to which single men are accepted varies. Although female bisexuality is very much accepted in the swinging community, the degree to which male bisexuality is accepted also varies. 

The Swinging Lifestyle
While the swinging lifestyle is not for everyone, many have found swinging to be an exciting and satisfying experience. Most people have had thoughts of sex outside their long-term relationship and those who have pursued it usually do so by cheating on their partners. Swinging offers people the chance to add variety and sexual fulfilment to their sex lives and may even fulfil a fantasy for both the man and woman. While swinging can enhance a couple's sex life and relationship, it will by no means fix a relationship already in trouble. Couples must have good communication and trust and must be in control of their emotions.

What kind of People are Swingers?
Swingers come mainly from A,B,C1 social groups and occupations, and tend to be in the 20-55 age range. While many gents are keen to try the scene almost as soon as they're out of their adolescence, women usually wait until their mid-twenties or later. Swingers tend to be in a strong and trusting relationship, are outgoing, friendly and have a huge sense of adventure. Swingers tend to see the lifestyle as a recreational and social activity.

Do Swingers have more Sex?
While swinging does involve sex, it is also very much a social activity, although statistics show that swingers have more sex than the rest of the population. We believe this is due to the enhanced sexual relationship they form with their partners due to the exciting lifestyle they follow.

Swinger Etiquette
Swinging, like anything, has rules. These rules of etiquette allow you to have a more enjoyable and safe experience while participating in any swinger parties or events. Taking some time to learn about swinger etiquette will ease some of the worries about what to expect when going to a party for the first time.

Swinger Party Timekeeping
When you are attending a swinger party it is important to be on time. At swinger parties or events, "fashionably late" is not cool.
Swinger Party Invitations
If you are invited to a party or event, it is always polite to let the host know if your can attend or not. There is quite a bit of preparation that goes into a swinger party and it is nice for the host to know how many guests there will be. Check you know what is provided and what to bring, e.g. drinks, condoms, towels for a pool etc.

Arriving at the Swinger Party
When you attend a swinger party, arrive and leave with your partner. It is considered bad etiquette for either partner to arrive or leave alone thus leaving a single at the party.
Swinger Party Dress
Most swinger parties require smart casual but attractive, skimpy clothing. Lingerie and fetish fashion is also very cool. Keep any valuables you take with you to a minimum, as a problem will only cause embarrassment to the host and others.

Swinger Party Cleanliness
Grooming and cleanliness are essential when attending a swinger party. Arriving showered and shaved will make yours and other's party experience very enjoyable. Take along any toiletries you may need including towels. Remember to also bring any safe sex supplies that your require for a safe and fun evening.
Decisions to Make Before Attending a Swinger Party
Before attending a swinger party or event you should decide with your partner as to how you want to participate in the activities. Do you want to participate together or separately. If you decide you want to participate together it is important not to abandon each other.

No, this is not what you need to get in. "Tickets" are females who attend a swinger party with a gent, just for the sake of getting that person into the party and has no intention of swinging. "Tickets" are frowned upon big time and will get you banned from that party and maybe even others as the word spreads.

Swinger Party Propositions
NO means NO. The right to say "no" is a steadfast rule at any swinger party or event. If you are not interested in swinging with that particular person or couple, a simple "no thank you" is all that is needed with no further explanation. Explanations can only lead to problems and hurt feelings.
Alcohol or Drugs at a Swinger Party
While drugs are not a common problem at swinger parties, they are prohibited as they can cause all kinds of problems, legally and socially.
Social drinking is deemed okay, drunken behaviour is not. If you need lots of booze to participate, these parties are not for you.

Swingers Parties and Safe Sex
While STD's have never been a big problem among swingers, safe sex is important within the swinging community. The use of condoms is now commonplace and anybody who is offended by this is considered selfish and irresponsible.
Group Sex at a Swinger Party
A room is quite often set up just for group sex. If you are looking for privacy, this is definitely not the room for you!

Use of Sex Toys at a Swinger Party
Use of sex toys are for the most part welcomed at a swinger party. Make sure your sex toys are always clean before and after, and make sure you use condoms on them as well.

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